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May and her mama
February 10, 2010, 11:30 pm
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Mama was combing and brushing on  my hair, but it felt more like pulling than anything.

She say You gon and look presentable now, don’t wanna hear about you lookin wild, like don’t nobody love you.

She hit a knot in my head and jerked that comb so hard that I felt and heard it rip, and couldn’t help but to cry. She say

Ain’t nothin to cry about, child. Life too easy for you. This ain’t nothin. Now hold still.

I sat there  as she yanked and tugged, and bit the inside of my lip so hard I tasted blood. I ain’t like to disappoint mama. It ain’t happen much, but still.

She finally finish and say

Now you look nice. Right presentable.

She pushed back some hair I couldn’t see.

Ain’t nobody gonna say nothin bout my baby girl, now. You even lookin a little pretty. Mama pat my cheek then, and I smile.

I look at her. Mama call me pretty. She was pretty all the time to me, but this were a different pretty. Her hair was all done like mine, her skin shiny shiny, and she had on a dress Pa gave her, one with tiny little flowers tied up with ribbon all over em. Her back and neck stretched long and high. This was gon be her defense.

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