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i’ve got greens to remember: post-llover,llorar
May 2, 2009, 9:18 pm
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And though these greens be polluted, they be hyper real, electric. Like I could plug a lamp right into them, see, and have it glow. Green, of course…a soft lime with a little more lemon so as not to look sickly. There are those stoic, upright  evergreens; pines and their forever needles; that is what they are, that is what they will be, until someone or something snaps them from their shallow roots. It is not their fault; there is nothing wrong with them; they just easily become the casualties of time, nature, and man. There are those other trees, those ones I cannot name because I never bothered to learn them, didn’t find it important, still don’t but for an afterthought of “What is that?” That is the orange slice tree, with its leaves tiny curling half moons on branches thin like children’s arms, leaning over from the weight of the world. Another tree weeps, softly now, so as to hide its heaving from the world, but not too well, for I see it. She will be alright; she bends, but she don’t break.


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🙂 I think that’s about all I can do right now, is smile… You fuckin’ write your ass off every, single time. You really should do it more…

Comment by trE

this is lovely.

Comment by slb

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